You are in a circular orbit 1km above the asteroid in a 3km orbit radius going at roughly 300m/s. You complete one revolution every 62.8 seconds. A bogie appears directly above you, exactly between you and the sun. He’s 10km up and he’s coming in fast. He’s signature is fuzzy and you can’t get a lock on him. Your only choice is run, but how? Speeding up would boost your apoapsis (highest point in your orbit) and slow you down, making you a perfect target. So you slow down, dropping your peri-apsis (lowest point in the orbit) to 100m. Your velocity is slow now, but you will accelerate faster and get behind the asteroid before he breaks your jammer and open fire. Once you are behind and hit your periapsis, you floor the throttle to get back up, where you can have the sun to your back. If you time it correctly, you can engage him right as he peaks out from behind the asteroid’s shadow, when he is most vulnerable.

Orbital Vector is about achieving this experience. In VR.